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Revolutionary Thread Lift – Ultra Fine V Lift

ultra-v-lift-2-300x300Non invasive skin lifting has progressed a long way. The surgical face lift has evolved into traditional incisional thread lift and now non-invasive, non incisional ultra fine thread lift.

This KFDA approved revolutional technique can be applied as lunch time treatment to lift up any part of the face and body, such as jaw lines, deep wrinkles and folds, double chin, breast and arms.

Dubbed the “lunch time treatment” in Korea and Japan, the Ultra fine V lift is successful due to its immediate results and minimal to nil downtime.

What is Ultra Fine V Lift?

The thread is made of PDO, a synthetic fully absorbable thread commonly used in heart surgery. When inserted under the skin, continous collagen synthesis will be stimulated by the ultra fine PDO thread, result in tighten and rejuvenated skin.

What is the application?

Reverse aging: Lift up laughing lines, jaw lines, eye brows, cheeks, neck.

Face shaping: Create V shape face

Body tightening: arms, flanks, breast

ultra-V-lift-300x300What is the benefit?

This is  ideal for anyone who wishes to reverse aging effects. The thread stimulate natural collagenesis process, giving rise to a natural lift.

The process can be combined and enhances the treatment effect of filler, PRP, laser, infrared or radiofrequency treatment in firming and lifting the face.

The  procedure does not require injectable anaesthesia or incision,  quick (about 30 minutes) and produce instant lifting effect and up  to 2 years  lasting effect.

It is therefore widely recommended by doctors and accepted by patients as Lunch time minimmal face lift.

(Photos:  courtesy of Ultra V Lift)

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