Superficial Peeling

Medical & Chemical Peel

Medical & Chemical Peel


SUPERFICIAL SKIN PEELING WITH GLYCOLIC AND SALICYLATE rejuvenates and balance oil production, control acne and improve skin complexion.

Also known as lunch-time peels, the facial treatment is considered comfortable and takes about 20 minutes.  Zero downtime and instant result. Normal activity can be consumed immediately after treatment.

Superficial peeling is suitable for all skin types and therapeutic for acne prone skin.


Medium Peel with TCA peels deeper into the skin. This peel stimulates collagen renewal resulting in fine line and pigments reduction.

By taking necessary sun protection precaution by applying sunblock SPF 30 and above, you may resume normal activities after peeling.

The result is the baby like skin again.

Medium peeling is ideal for aged and sun damaged skin.

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