iLipo Laser Lipolysis

i-Lipo laser liposuction – the intelligent alternative to liposuction; non surgery, safe, painless and has no risk.


The laser emits low-level laser via 32 laser points to target on the fat cells. It reduces inch and contour body instantly after every treatment without pain, needle, and downtime.  It is no wonder regarded as an alternative to liposuction.

Q: How does i-Lipo  work?
A: I Lipo emits diode laser beam that changes the fat cell permeability and causes the pore in the cell to open. The triglyceride then spills out from the broken cell membrane and is released into the lymphatic system where they are used up by the body as energy source.

Q: Is it clinically proven effective?
A: Yes, it is clinically proven to reduce fat cells. Independent ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer after just one treatment.

Q: What is the advantage?
A: – Produce immediate result after one session as the fat cells contents are released.
– Ideal for body contouring as it targets the fat area specifically.
– It has no risk of side effect.
– The treatment is fast and relaxing.

Q: What areas of the body can be treated?
A: I-Lipo is ideal for localized fat reduction and body contouring. It is ideal for slimming of calf, thigh, buttock, tummy, arm, chin and any small parts of the body, for body men and women.


Q: What do I expect during and after the treatment?
A: The treatment pads will be placed on the targeted area for 20-30 minutes. During the treatment, you will feel a relaxing warming sensation from the treatment pads. Typically fat area will reduce and skin is tightened immediately after the treatment.
You may return to normal activity immediately after treatment.
Light exercise post treatment is encouraged to accelerate the removal of fat.

Q: How many sessions will I need?
A: A total of 8 sessions is recommended for one body part for optimal result. Booster treatment is not necessary needed with i-Lipo as long as your weight and life styles are maintained.

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