Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Tissue Regeneration

Tissue Regeneration with the body’s own healing factors.

PRP tissue regeneration uses own cells to prevent, reverse and correct signs of ageing. The own body’s growth factors is extracted and reintroduced back into the body tissue to promote cell regeneration and healing.

This is safe, free from risk of adverse reaction and lasts long.


What is PRP?
PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. It is the portion of blood which contains high concentration of growth factors and healing factors that promotes cell regeneration.

How does PRP work?
Platelet contains various growth factors. Through the preparation process, PRP is packed with all these factors and ready to be injected to skin, body or hair for rejuvenation and regeneration purposes.

What is the indication of PRP?
PRP can be used on the face, neck, hands or scalp.

-PRP improves skin tone and texture
-Stimulate collagen and lifting effect
-Reduce wrinkles on the forehead, under eyes, lips and neck
-Increase cheek volume and reduce deep wrinkles
-Reduce eye bags and dark eyes circles.
-Promote hair growth.

What is the benefit of PRP?
-Safe, free of transmissible diseases
-Long lasting effect
-No long term side effects
-Relatively painless and simple
-Suitable for everybody.

What do I expect during the treatment?
Treatment is simple and fast. A small sample of blood is drawn from the patient and the platelet is processed and extracted from the blood and injected into the areas of the concern.

How will I look like after the treatment?
Generally a slight redness and swelling is expected in the treated area. The symptoms are temporary and will subside in 1-3 days. The natural growth factors stimulate the natural process of collagen synthesis. Therefore, the results will be better in weeks to come.

What should I avoid after the treatment?
Avoid massaging or rubbing the treated area for first 48 hours after the treatment. Also avoid facial, heat diffusing and laser treatments for the first 4 weeks.



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